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We Are Seeking
Sexy, In Shape and Outgoing Women!

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Model Application-Male


We are looking for good looking guys between the ages of 18 and 40 who are outgoing and in good shape.


Your ethnic background and sexual orientation are of no importance to us. We evaluate a model based on his or her personality and talent. Beauty, in a traditional sense, is not always the essential ingredient to succeed. The power of sexual attraction can be shown in different ways so do not compare yourself to others when judging your appearance. That is what we are here for!

Spoken Languages:



Do you have experience in the adult industry?

Do you have a stage name?

Have you been referred to us?

On Camera Sexual Practices

The following questions deal with practices that are commonplace in the adult industry. Please only check those practices that you are entirely comfortable performing on camera. You may update that information at all times. Your answers and pictures are needed so we can fully assess your candidacy. The application form is not shared with anyone outside the agency. However, we do use it for our discussions with studios and producers. The comments section at the end of the form allows you to provide any information you feel has not been sufficiently covered in the questionnaire.

On camera, you are willing to:

Kiss a womanKiss a manGive oral sex to a womanGive oral sex to a manReceive oral sex from a womanReceive oral sex from a manPerform vaginal penetrationGive anal penetration to a womanGive anal penetration to a manReceive anal penetration from a woman (strap-on)Receive anal penetration from a manReceive rimming (anulingus) from a womanReceive rimming (anulingus) from a manRim a womanRim a manGroup sex with men (3+)Group sex with men and women (4+)Perform a bi scene (with man & woman)Perform a bi scene (with 2 women)Exchange sperm with a womanExchange sperm with a manSwallow spermGive a sperm facialReceive a sperm facialMasturbateReach orgasmDouble penetrate a woman (vagina/anus)Double penetrate a manBe double penetrated (anal)Sex with toys (dildo, anal beads, Fleshlight®, etc...)


Important: if you submit the application form without providing all the required photos, your application might not be considered. Please follow these instructions carefully. Prior to uploading your pictures, please ensure that they are of a quality that allows us to properly assess your physical appearance. If needed, ask a friend for help and take several shots of the same pose, choosing the best one.

  • Only send pictures of yourself; do not send pictures of yourself with others, children, animals, etc.
  • Make sure photos are recent. Indicate date taken.
  • Pictures should not exceed 4 MB in size each.
  • Upload only in .jpg or .png formats
  • You may send pictures taken with a mobile phone or webcam as long as they are of adequate quality
  • For interior shots, please ensure that the room is well lit.
  • Avoid using a flash if you are taking pictures in a mirror.
  • You must submit a minimum of four pictures that meet the above requirements.

By submitting this application, I confirm that I am 18 years of age or older.